The First 48 Hours With Your Puppy

The First Trip Home

If you receive your puppy from the airport or come to the farm to pick him up; bring some old towels and water to travel with.  Do not feed your puppy until you get him home.  The car ride may give your puppy an upset stomach if the puppy is full of food.  If it’s a long trip home, a crate to use may also be helpful.  Airport shipping, crate will come with the pup and can be used for house breaking.


Feeding Your Puppy

Start feeding your puppy 2 times a day  1 ½ cups of Pro Pac Puppy Performance Food each time.  Or our rule of thumb is:  Feed what the puppy will eat in 20 min.  If after 20 min. he only leaves a few kernels that is a perfect feeding.  If he gobbles it all up in 5 min, you need to feed him more.  Remember he was on full feed at the kennel, so have patience, with this diet training period.

We have started your puppy on Pro Pac Puppy Performance Food.  It is best to leave the puppy on this diet.  However if you need to change this food;  mix Pro Pac Puppy Performance Food and the new food  ½ and ½ then slowly over a week’s time, cut back on the Pro Pac Puppy Performance Food.  If you change the food too rapidly, the puppy will have severe diarrhea. 


If your puppy appears to be losing weight over time, introduce Raw Meal supplements into the puppy’s diet.  It doesn’t have to be expensive cuts of raw meat; chicken gizzards, liver pieces, cheap hamburger work very well.  Just make sure the meat is raw.  Cooked meat loses its nutrients when cooked.  Bones are great for dogs, again only in the raw state.  Dogs have a natural enzyme in their stomachs that digest raw bone.  But when cooked the bone is brittle and dangerous for a dog to chew.  Beef Bone is the best, Please DO NOT give your Vizsla “Bird of Flight” bones.  No Chicken, turkey, goose, etc.  Bird bone is a hollow bone and may shatter in your pups’ intestine.


Register Your Puppy with the AKC

Registering your puppy is very easy on line.  Go to and select “Register my Puppy” and follow the online instructions.  If comfortable with a computer you will do fine.  If not computer savvy, fill out the form we provided, and mail into the AKC per the directions.  While registering, an option will appear “AKC Reunite”.  Say yes to this option and record your microchip.  This puts your puppy’s microchip number into a national bank.  The Humane Societies, Vets, and dog pounds will call this national bank to link you to your lost puppy.  AKC is very reputable. There will be a onetime charge, and that is it for the life of your puppy.  No memberships or yearly fees.  One charge only.  Ron and I encourage your registration with AKC; a registered AKC Vizsla will maintain its value; no papers, no value.



Visit Your Veterinarian

We gave your puppy it’s first  TWO Puppy shots and wormed with Ivormectin at the same time.  Record of this is in your puppy packet.  Show this record to your Vet on puppies first visit.  It will help in future treatments.  The puppy will need a total of 4 puppy shots approximately 3 to 4 weeks apart to have full protection from Parvo, Distemper and Corona Virus. We highly recommend a monthly Heart Worm medication with Ivormectin as it’s key ingredient.  This medication is great for heart worm prevention and also is superb for good skin health in Vizslas.


Crate Training/House Breaking

Crate training is a great tool to get your puppy house broke.  There are many books, articles, YouTube videos that show the whole process.  We won’t get into detailed process, but will give you some tips to be successful.  Consistency is the key to house breaking.  If you have raised a 2 year old child, you will have a good idea of what to do.  Baby goes to sleep at 8pm.  Baby gets up at 8am, baby eats at etc, etc.  You get the idea.  The more consistent in the daily activities the more successful you’ll be. 

It is very hard for the puppy to be in a crate for over 4 hours at a time.  Excluding the night time hours.  A Vizsla puppy locked up in a crate for 8 to 10 hours a day will become a “crazed wild dog”.  Activity is important, too much time in the box is very hard on them.  At the beginning keep the crate small.  Recommend a “medium” or 400 size crate.  After about 2 months you can buy the pretty open wire crate in a size for an adult dog.  Keep the crate very clean.  In the beginning, the pup may soil in his crate.  Puppy has a small bladder, so don’t make a big deal of it.  Just clean the box thoroughly with a strong smelling cleaner.  Be dedicated to keeping the bedding clean, and the pup will eventually stop. Until this period of training is over, would recommend using old towels for bedding.  Save the fancy expensive pad for later.


If the puppy makes a mistake in the house, clean it up with a paper towel and place the paper towel outside where you want him to do his business.   Then clean the original soil spot with a strong smelling cleanser.  Kill the scent is the key.  But create the smell where you want the puppy to go.  The puppy will smell the scent on the paper towel out in the yard, and realize that this is his potty spot.

In our flyer “Puppy To Do List” we recommended Cesar Milan’s Puppy DVD.  We will mention it again, as for puppy training, this DVD is loaded with great advice on house breaking, and many tips on how to start your puppy right. 


The National Vizsla Association

Recommend this national organization, if interested in keeping informed on the Vizsla breed in America today.   Many of the dogs in this magazine/website are related to your Countryside Kennel Vizsla.  Brochure is included in the Puppy Packet.